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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Seua)

Next, we went to Tiger Cave Temple located for about 45 minutes from our hotel in Ao Nang


The temple from a far. It's located 2 km from the main road


This is one of  the temple. Although the main attraction is to climb to the top mountain temple with 1273 steps which is about 600 metres from the ground.
Seriously it's not so easy as you thought. Some of the stairs are very steep. But we manage to reach the top for only 15 minutes even though the suggestion time is 30 minutes . 💪💪💪


There are many version of story why they name the temple to honor the tiger


Some say they found a tiger footprint at the near cave, others believe there was actual huge tiger roaming in the cave.

Krabi ( Sra Marakot, The Crystal Lagoon)

So this post is about Sra Marakot also known as The Crystal Lagoon, The Emerald Pool.
But before that, check out How To Go To Krabi (Transport and Hotel)


This is the blue pool. Though it's Crystal clear, swimming is not allowed here for safety reason on the risk of sucking mud.
It's so mesmerized how the Crystal clear water came to exist in the middle of nowhere in the jungle

But you can swim here though .... The Emerald Pool.



It's located in the district of Klong Thom about 80 km for our hotel at Ao Nang. We rent motorcycle for 200 baht one day.

Krabi how to go there (transport and hotel)


So first of all, I would tell you all how to go Krabi lah.

The journey start from Butterworth by minivan. Ticket Rm 38. From here already start to feel so thailand since the driver and all passenger is siamese.


For about 2 and half hours you should be arrive at Danok-Bukit Kayu Hitam borders lah. Stamp the passport, and don't forget to slip Rm1 in the passport at thai immigration (duit kopi lah). Then belum apa2 dah masuk Thailand rupanya.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

10 Things I Learnt While Solo Motobike Travel

  1. Do exercise on bike at 110Km/h. Those muscle need bloodflow after you remain static on bike for hours 
  1. When you feel a drop of rain, find the nearest shelter as fast as you can. Or prepare to ride in the rain. But be safe. 

  1. Greets other rider even with a small gesture. Make friend with everybody on your trip.You never know when you need their help. 



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