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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Resigning My Day Work Job To Become A Live Traveller

Monday... The first day of each week that almost everybody hate (unless you not working yet or you really love your job). So I decided to take a new route of my life to do something I found to tune synchronised with my life purpose. To become a life traveller, wandering the beautiful life that we should.


Here is the resign notice I have made last friday. On that night, I just had this rush feeling and inner spirit calling for me to just resign my day work job. Here is the the first step of my journey. And I want to inspire for people to do so if you just not feeling right and passion for the things you do right now. Where you feel stuck and suffocate with your life. Its time to pack your bag and leave ( well it is easy as that if you have prepared) but if you not, just trust your inner spirit cause i believe the spirit cant be wrong and even if you are wrong, you make mistake in the right path. Thats is better than to do things right that doesn't come together with your life purpose.

I have to go work now and hand in this resign notice to my manager today. Wish me luck and the spirit may with be me😇




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