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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Krabi how to go there (transport and hotel)


So first of all, I would tell you all how to go Krabi lah.

The journey start from Butterworth by minivan. Ticket Rm 38. From here already start to feel so thailand since the driver and all passenger is siamese.


For about 2 and half hours you should be arrive at Danok-Bukit Kayu Hitam borders lah. Stamp the passport, and don't forget to slip Rm1 in the passport at thai immigration (duit kopi lah). Then belum apa2 dah masuk Thailand rupanya.


From borders, the journey continue to Hat Tai. For about one hour. Then , we drop at the Hat Yai bas station to catch the next bus

Nasik kerabu at front of hat yai station bus. Hok alohhhhh seriousss delicious. Rm 5 only ok.


Waiting for the bus to Krabi town. Ticket 239 baht (rm 23.9) lah plus minus. Journey duration for about 5-6 hours. Hokalohhhh I thought krabi was near, but the journey is so time consuming.

Just make sure you always check the bus arrival (they are so punctual) and the platform number since thai languange is use extensively and little English can be found.

Then you will arrive in Krabi town. Remember, Krabi town is just a ghost town at night. The attraction place is Ao Nang. Since we arrive at Krabi late at 3 o'clock in the morning, we have no choice but to take the taxi, for 500 baht. Remember to negotiate, because at first we was offered for 600 baht .
Krabi town to Ao Nang is about 15 km.

Then we arrive at ao nang district for about half and hour. After searching for hotel, we decide to stay at Sabai Mansion for 840 baht per night for 3 person. The promotion price is 590 baht max 2 person. Extra 250 baht is compulsary for additional person. Since we check in quite late, the price is 690 baht. For two days is 1530 baht. 690+840 baht. Divided by 3 person is about rm 25 per person for one day.


Quite good price for a hotel with pool,air conditioner, tv, fridge, and nice limestone rock formation in front of the hotel.


Ok that's all for the transport from Butterworth-Ao Nang (Krabi)

Total time= 9 hours
Ticket= about rm 70


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