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Sunday, August 3, 2014

10 Things I Learnt While Solo Motobike Travel

  1. Do exercise on bike at 110Km/h. Those muscle need bloodflow after you remain static on bike for hours 
  1. When you feel a drop of rain, find the nearest shelter as fast as you can. Or prepare to ride in the rain. But be safe. 

  1. Greets other rider even with a small gesture. Make friend with everybody on your trip.You never know when you need their help. 

  1. Phone with internet data and powerbank is a must. 

  1. Less is more. Pack only the essential items. You don’t need a big size towel. 
  1. Always use  signal lamp when you overtake others vehicle. They also useful at night and when its raining to let other driver notice you in the dark. 
  1. Use weather forecast to prepare  for you ride schedule. 
  1. Know you destination distance. Does your fuel enough to reach there? 
  1. You might need a lipbalm. The high speed air really dry you lips. Ride flawlesly. 
  1. Just enjoy the landscape and challenges while you can. After all, isn't thats what you look for. 

Juru- Seremban Motobike Solo Travel. The photo belowe is taken while Im under the bridge at Behrang( Perak) looking for shelter when raining.

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